Our Story

Our Story

[SOGNO PIE is a handmade jewelry studio founded in Summer 2022. ]


About brand name

SOGNO derives from an Italian word for "dream".

Italy is one of my favorite countries all over the world. This name commemorates fabulous moments that I had there. 


About me

Wandering in jewelry-making world brings me a lot of happiness, so I will keep exploring it in my journey. 

When I founded this brand, I began with a dream of creating accessories that would deliver love, joy, and warmth to people. Therefore, all artworks are inspired by people and daily life. 

I believe that what people wear represents themselves. Their jewelries and accessories tell their story, express their mood, and their lifestyle. Wearing a piece of jewelry or accessory shows not only fashion but the passion of life, style, believes, cultures, and values. 


Can't wait to see these jewelries being with you at every significant moment of your life. 





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